C4 Belts!


My first product review is going to be on the awesome C4 Belts. You would think I’m an ambassador (hint hint C4) because I talk about them so much, but I’m just passionate about a good product. C4 Belts are fun to customize, interchangeable, easy to clean, create a unique fit, and they are water proof. They are also very easy to clean and come with a LIFETIME guarantee. That’s right. Spend $30 on a C4 belt and it’s guaranteed for life. Not only does C4 roll out fun new styles and patters often, they also pride themselves in giving back to charity along with being environmental and animal friendly.

PROS: I will go ahead and say that everything this company stands for is a pro. These belts are very functional, sleek, and fun to customize. They offer a variety of colors and fun patters. They are also rolling out new stuff all the time. There is a C4 for everything. These belts also fit very well, because you get to cut them to your size. They come in a cool little case, as well, when shipped. Keep those cases! They will come in handy for something someday. The belts are are a good size for most belt loops, and they offer a skinny belt if you prefer.

CONS: The only real con I can come up with is that the instructions on how to fit the belt that come inside the box are vague. The demo makes it seem like you cut the wrong end. However, a quick search on youtube brings up this video to help you. Also, the only other thing I could count as a con is sometimes the buckles are see-through color not solid. My hot pink looks a little like red.

OVERALL: I highly recommend this product. I love all the colors and options. I love the durability, and I love what the company stands for. They also have outstanding customer service! I messed up on my shipping address, and they shipped me another belt immediately. 10/10!


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