The Balancing Act

jugglegifThis is one of the most accurate descriptions of my life that I could find. I am attempting to be a full time employee, full time student, a horse mom, and run a steadily growing side business all at the same time. At this moment, I have not been to the barn in over a week. The last ride I had on my sweet CW was dismal and disappointing to say the least, but it is really hard for me to blame it all on him. I have to blame a lot of it on myself. I just have not had the time to get out there more than once a week to ride (if I get out there at all during the week). It looks like it may be almost TWO weeks before I get to go see my happy, fat little pony thanks to mid-terms.

stuffyinggifAh. Don’t you just love the smell of fresh mid-terms? No. Actually, I don’t know a lot of people that just LOVE mid-terms. Especially, because mid-terms always seem to sneak up on you. So, instead of spending a gorgeous Sunday at the barn, I spent it in bed reading about Political Parties and the media for Government. Sacrifices must be made? While I plug away at studying, I just keep reminding myself that this is all for the greater good. The more I study, the better grades I get, and the more successful I should be. After all, success = better life for fat pony.

youcandoitChances are, I am not alone. I’m sure many of you readers are also working amateurs. Though we aren’t all juggling the same things, we do all seem to juggle multiple things at one time. This is just a reminder that it can be done! I have started keeping a day planner with specific due dates, ideas, etc. If I think I want to do something that afternoon, I pencil it in the old fashioned way. I stopped using my phones calendar. Physically writing it down puts this thought/date/idea in the back of my mind, and it will help me remember I have something coming up. I also have compromised my social life and taken advantage of “nap” times. A 10 minute power nap can completely change my busy day and really helps me between work and school. If I can just shut down for 10 minutes, I can generally have a much better day at school. It don’t feel as tired or physically worn down (no matter how boring the lecture is!). Any down time I have at work is spent doing homework and reading for class assignments. I also try not to fall behind or procrastinate, because I generally dig myself into a much larger hole.

teamLastly, I have a great support team. I have a wonderful riding instructor that works me into her busy schedule, and she takes amazing care of CW. I never worry for one second about his well being, and she understands my time constraints. I have a great boyfriend that helps keep me motivated, entertained, and he even helps me study. I have amazing family that supports me and gives me words of encouragement, they are also quick to offer me a drink when the day has been rough. I also have amazing friends that are there to give me advice and encouragement, and they are also there to listen to me rant about all the things wrong in my life. I could not do any of this without them.


One thought on “The Balancing Act

  1. Woof – the thought of balancing school and work makes me twitch. So impressed, I can barely make my life work with just a job to deal with. Yes, it can all be done but sometimes it is so overwhelming. Sounds like you’re making good choices re: priorities. And at least your pony will always be there waiting!


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