Here’s to 2016.

In 17 hours the book will close on 2015, and a new chapter will begin to write itself. So many people begin to write big goals and resolutions for the next year, but I want to reflect on the small successes we had in 2015.

1. CW and I may not have shown at WEF and won our division, but we did manage to put a course of jumps together at home a few times.


2. We only went lame twice this year, the longest time off being one month. We also got x-rays that were pretty clean and promising. 


3. We moved barns and began training with a great trainer. We even started riding a bit better.

4. I sort of got over my rediculous fear of jumping anything bigger than a cross-rail.

5. We also don’t runaway quite as often as we used to, and we are starting to kind of use ourself and sort of round.


6. I bought a new saddle, and I made new barn friends.

7. Lastly, I managed to not fall off.


So, here’s to 2016. Here is to more small goals and successes, and here’s to another year that we don’t show at WEF or possibly at all! I’m just glad that we have friends and wonderful people to help us on our crazy journey.



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