2016 Resolutions

Yes, this is a blog about me making my New Years Resolutions 13 days into the New Year. Honestly, I think it’s silly to make them right away. Generally, I’m still half drunk and have yet to recover from the Holidays. It takes me at least a week to let the boozy brain clear. So, I have always waited on making my “resolutions” until I really had time to think them through. I want my resolutions to be obtainable, and I don’t like generic resolutions either. So here they are, a reminder to me that I do have resolutions, and that I have a year to make them all happen.


  1. In 2016, I am going to ride more and worry less. I’m going to worry less about the extra time it takes to get to the barn. I’m going to worry less about hurting peoples feelings when I choose the barn over them. I’m going to enjoy the horse I have, and I am going to make things happen. I want to try and get to the barn two to three times per week.
  2. In 2016, I am going to ride more horses. You are only as good of a rider as you let yourself be, and if you only ride what your comfortable on.. What does that make you? I want to ride different horses. I want to sit on as many as I can, and I want to make myself a better rider. Notice, this resolution is different than my previous resolution, because I do not plan  on riding just CW.
  3. In 2016, I am going to try different disciplines. I believe you can become a more rounded rider by trying different disciplines. I think every discipline has something to give, whether you are a Dressage rider, Jumper, Reiner, etc. I want to try cutting, reining, and Dressage this year. I also want to start roping the dummy, again. Practice makes perfect, right?
  4. In 2016, I will get myself in better riding shape. I’m tired of getting tired after two circles around the arena at a canter. No stirrup work? HA. You are funny. We don’t even try that most of the time. I need to improve my core, and I need to improve my stamina. Unfortunately for me, that means I have to do cardio and attempt to work out some. It’s only fair to CW that if he has to work more then so do I.


5. In 2016, I am going to cowgirl up. I’m not going to whine when Rachel makes me jump a jump I’m not comfortable with. I’m going to put on my big girl panties and just do it. I have a great horse that isn’t going to stop, so I need to put that out of my mind. 2016 is a new year, and that means I get to restart and push the bad behind. We’ve all wrecked. It’s scary, and I don’t think anyone wants to fall off, but I seriously have to get over it.
6. In 2016, I am going to stop riding backwards. It feels like my horse is going 900mph, but I know he is not. Heck, the videos make him seem like a pleasure! I need to embrace our forward march, and I think it will make both of us happier.
7. In 2016, I am going to make it around a course of 10 jumps. You hear that Rachel? That means we aren’t going to run away, circle, or stop in-between lines or fences. We have our work cut out for ourselves.
8. In 2016, I am going to push myself past my comfort zone. I am going to make myself reach these goals, and I am going to be a happier person and better rider for it.
9. Lastly, In 2016, I am going to update my blog much more often. I promise more interviews, #ROOTD, and fun bargain finds. I vow to be a better blogger.

With that said, bring on 2016!





One thought on “2016 Resolutions

  1. I need to add your 1. to my list. I have a short drive, but I often find myself stressing about juggling all the people and other animals in my life with wanting to ride. It does take some of the joy out of getting to the barn. Also, trying reining and cutting are totally on my bucket list. Some day I hope. I really wanted to start doing ranch horse competitions with Sydney this year, but the only ranch horse group in my state requires that horses be of an approved registered stock breed. That put a cap on that real quick. 😦

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