Professionals Choice Jumping Boots


It’s been a while since I’ve done a product review. However, I am excited to review my new favorite boots on the market. Professionals Choice has been around since 1986, manufacturing some of the best equine therapeutic products on the market. For many years, I thought them to be a western only shop. My barrel racer friends had colorful SMB’s and bell boots. They had cool, air flow saddle pad. However, I was never really able to enjoy the products that my western friends spoke so highly about. That was until 2011, when the CEO’s daughter decided that PC needed to expand it’s horizons into the english world. In 2015, Professionals Choice introduced the Pro Performance line of leg care, and I am excited to review that very line in this blog.


I’m going to start with the Pro Performance Open Front Memory Foam Jumping Boots & Fetlock Boots. I use this particular pair of boots as my weekly lesson and schooling boots. They have a secure Velcro closure and are lined with a compressional open cell foam. The foam is soft yet dense enough to offer support. However, these boots are absolutely not heavy. They are very well ventilated and my horses legs are always surprisingly dry. The front boots wick away moisture and are easily and comfortably secured to keep dirt from getting in. However, I have found the back boots a little harder to secure. I’m a butter fingers, so I don’t know how much say I have here, but the side closure on these is not my absolute favorite.I find that you can get them secure and well fit, however dirt still manages to get in, unlike their front counterparts. Overall, I think the boot is beautiful made, fits to size, supportive, and secure. I did notice on the Professional Choice website that you can get the fetlock boots in the open front Velcro style, as well. These boots are also available in black.


I do love the boots pictured above as my daily schooling boots, however I love my Pro Performance Open Fronts w/ TPU Fastner & Fetlock Boots the most. They are quick to put on, very secure, breathable, and offer the perfect support for the horse legs.

I was running late to a lesson one morning, and I didn’t want to fool with my butterfingers on the fastening on my regular schooling boots. So, I grabbed this pair of boots that I was saving for a show, and I threw them on my horse quickly. I was so impressed with their ease to get on and how secure they felt. I was afraid the TPU fasteners wouldn’t get tight enough, but I was pleasantly surprised when I took them off after the lesson to see barely sweaty legs and no dirt. These quickly became my favorite boot! These boots, like the Velcro counterparts, are very lightweight. They offer the shock absorbent core (the gray part you see in the back). The foam is not too thick but offers plenty of support. The lining is breathable and doesn’t hold moisture. I’m always amazed when I take them off to how little sweat has accumulated, unlike other boots I have had. Don’t get me wrong. The sweat is still there, but it’s not dripped and soaked like I have seen previously. I have nothing bad to say about these boots, and I find the price very reasonable for the research and quality Professionals Choice puts into their product. These boots are also available in black.


PROS: I will reiterate what I have said above. These boots are lightweight, secure, offer everything you could want in a boot, come in two colors and styles, and they are affordable. The TPU fasteners are quick and easy to put the boots on and off. They don’t hold moisture, and they usually don’t hold dirt.

CONS: The only con I can think of, is the Velcro fetlock boot. The Velcro closure on them is a little difficult to get tight when you have butterfingers (like me), and they tend to catch dirt.

OVERALL: I would buy 10000 more pairs of both boots in a heartbeat. I would more than likely change out the Velcro fetlock boot for the Velcro open front fetlock boot, but I still love them all the same. If you ask anyone that knows me, I am the first to recommend Professionals Choice anything. I find that the company really researches their products and stands behind them. Everything comes with a warranty and 30 day MBG. I have always found Professionals Choice products to be reliable and their customer service to be fantastic. I would recommend their products, especially these boots, to anyone. You can find a complete list of products and information regard the company and their research on their website:


One thought on “Professionals Choice Jumping Boots

  1. I have the pro performance boots in black with the Velcro closures. I bought them after May pretty much shattered a pair of Roma boots. I have to say I absolutely love them, even more than I love my much more expensive equifit boots. They’ve even held up really wel to draft abuse. Glad to see you have similar feelings!

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