How A Typical Lesson Goes For Me

I generally arrive at least an hour early, if not more, to prepare for my lessons. I am in a good mood at this point. I’m feeling confident and ready to take the world by storm.

Gonna Have a Good Time

I usually get on about thirty minutes before time to start, so I can stretch and walk around the arena. I like to size up what the jumps look like (trainer likes to change things up on us), and I like to get an idea of what we might be doing. We’re obviously going to have a great lesson.

i got this

I’m feeling good, my trainer either has us warm up or starts flatting us. I love flatting my lease, because I have finally figured out his buttons. We can usually get in a groove during our flatting, and I have figured out what to do to make him softer and supple.

we look good

Then she asks us to warm up over a small cross-rail or box. We are so going to do good in this lesson. This is easy stuff! We can do this all day.

crushed it

At this point, I’m feeling good. I’m feeling fierce. We’re pretty much ready for the Olympics. Japan 2020, anyone? Then my trainer starts to add some harder elements. I’m still feeling pretty good after our cross-rails, but she suddenly raises the fences.


It is our turn to go. We head to the first fence, and I am feeling confident… My trainer gives me this look with her eyes.

good hcoice

Until I am not. You see, I can’t make a decision to save my life. My poor trainer tells me this all the time, but I still can’t seem to make the said decision. Bob really is a saintly horse.

0 percet certain

Usually, I take a couple decent jumps and royally screw up the rest. My trainer usually sounds like this.


Or she looks like this


And I am generally like


And a lot of this

fall apart

And some of this

i did it

Then my trainer asks me to review the course or exercised and explain what we liked and didn’t like. What did I like?


What did I not like?


What happened?

cause i was just like all over

The process generally repeats itself for a few rounds until we mostly sort ourselves out. When I say we, I mean until I sort myself out. My horse is a saint. I am an indecisive potato that makes him do bad things. After my lessons, sweet Bob gets a lot of this:

pony kiss

And I am like this



Overall, I am very blessed to have such a wonderful, patient, and kind trainer like Rachel. I’m also so blessed to lease an amazing horse like Bob, that is always teaching me, helping to rebuild my confidence, and constantly puts up with my crap. We don’t win every lesson, but we get better (most of the time), and I call that a success.


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