It’s Almost Horse Show Time!

I can’t believe I am even speaking those words again. I thought I was done showing after Monty. Once I started at Rachel’s with CW, I started to have those goals again. We would go to a show. We would jump around. We wouldn’t suck too bad. After all, those had been my goals with Monty, and we reached them at our last show together. Of course, we didn’t win. I think we were last in at least one class, but I came out with a smile on my face because we did it.


My last jumper show – Circa 2010.

After selling Monty and retiring CW, I thought it was the universe telling me that showing just wasn’t in my cards anymore. After all, I work multiple jobs and scrimp by just to ride weekly, let alone go to a show. It just wasn’t meant to be, and I was totally fine with being the grounds crew and show help. The only goal I had was to better myself and fix my confidence. Then, I began leasing the fabulous Bob. I sort of laughed and nodded my head the first time my trainer mentioned showing. I mean, I could barely get through a tiny course without Bob having to totally save my ass, let alone a show worthy course with 12+ jumps that I had to remember and think about. However, as we have learned each other and worked together, I’ve actually started to progress a bit in my riding. Suddenly, showing was starting to become a goal again, even if it meant working three jobs to make that happen.


So, we are gearing up for our first show! It is only a local show at the Rose Palace, but I am going in with a pretty hefty goal. What is that goal you ask? Don’t forget my course! That is really my only goal. My goal isn’t to win. It’s to come out smiling and to not forget my course, because I know if I give Bob a chance, he will not let me down. It’s been six years since I’ve stepped foot in a show ring, and I have to admit I’m getting pretty freaking nervous. However, I am really excited to be going in on a horse that instills so much confidence, with a kick ass coach, and especially an awesome team of barn mates to support me along the way (and be waiting with a frosty beverage after it’s all over).




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