About Me


So who is The Texas Equestrian? Well, that would be me. I am a 24 year old college student studying Environmental Science, currently residing outside of San Antonio, TX. When I’m not in school, I work full time at as a vet tech. I also run a small farm sitting business, and I exercise ranch horses for a local buy/sell company. I live with my wonderful boyfriend, Giovanni, and we have an amazing Black Mouth Cur named Hope. I have a retiree named Carl Wayne that has his own little blurb below, and I also partially lease a fabulous Thoroughbred named Bob. I really enjoy cooking, baking, watching TV, and Houston Texans football. I love all things Harry Potter, turquoise, Navajo print, and old. I also live for margaritas, mexican food, and ice cream. This blog will mostly be training ramblings, riding revelations, product reviews, thrifty tips, and a good dose of humor. I hope you enjoy.


This is Bons Midnight Dancer AKA Carl Wayne. He is mostly called CW because people like to laugh at his name. He is a 13 year old registered Quarter Horse that came to me after flunking at numerous other disciplines. Unfortunately, earlier this year my trainer and I decided it was time to retire CW. He is now living the good life with his new mom in a small town outside of Houston.

Contact Information
Mary Johnson
Twitter – @texaseq


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