Fall #ROOTD Fun

Fall Schooling
I love fall. I wish Texas had a 24-7 fall. I like changing leaves, temps not above 70, and the crispness in the air. Everything starts to feel warm, cozy, and inviting. I just want to ride ponies, bake goodies, and drink chai tea all day. In the spirit of fall, I decided to make a #ROOTD this week surrounding my newest purchase. I found a pair of gray TS breeches through a Facebook group for $50 shipped! This is one of my more “expensive” #ROOTD’s, because a girl can dream, right? However, this whole outfit can be found and made cheaper buy sensible spending. I found a great, similar green plaid shirt from Ross this weekend for $12. A vest from anywhere could easily be paired with this shirt, and it would look just as great with a pair of tan schooling breeches that you already have in your closet. I chose to top this fall theme off with a pair of Ariat brown field boots, because I dream about these boots! I also dream about a pair of Ariat Volants (hint hint family @ Christmas). I think the brown field boot is so classy, and I think it adds a certain edge to any schooling outfit. I added the brown Michael Kors braided belt in for a casual feel with a high end touch to bring everything together.

You can buy any of these items below:


Go Texans!

Texans Game Day ROOTD

Even though I benched the Texans defense in favor of the Falcons this week (karma killed me for that one), I still want to show my team pride with this awesome #ROOTD. This #ROOTD is really fun and full of Texans, but the best part about it is how CHEAP it actually is! As always, the helmet and boots are easily switched out with your own helmet and boots. This set features the helmet and boots that I ride in. I chose the OneK helmet due to the price point, ventilation, and the awesome removable liner. Speaking of, I should probably buy a new one. I ride in Middleburg boots for schooling and showing. Even though I have beat them to death, they still clean up beautifully and are very comfortable. I’ve had my Middleburgs for almost four years now! I chose a pair of Tuffrider Sierra breeches because they are comfortable and very affordable. These breeches are a lower rise with a wide waistband, and I chose they light grey over tan to give me a little more cohesiveness. I chose a grey Texans long sleeve to incorporate fall and a simpler NFL look. Of course, as you know I am obsessed with C4 Belts. I chose a Navy C4 with a red buckle due to Texans colors. I decided to top off this look with a fun Texans watch in white to add a little contrast, and I also chose some JJ Watt socks. Seriously, who wouldn’t wear JJ Watt socks? You can find links to buy all of this below!

Here is a breakdown of what is included in this set, their prices, and where you can find them:

  1. Black Suede OneK Helmet – $233
  2. C4 Belt – $24.99
  3. Middleburg Field Boots – $250.00
  4. Tuffrider Sierra Knee Patch Breeches – $70.00
  5. Nike Long Sleeve Texans Shirt – $40.00
  6. JJ Watt Socks – $15.00
  7. White Texans Watch – $24.00

Feeling Teal

Teal & Par-Wanties - Inexpensive ROOTD

You could say “fashion blogging” is not my thing. I don’t own 100 pairs of TS, Le Fash, and technical shirts. I don’t have a pair of Parlanti Boots. However, I like to think that we can make riding affordable and still look good without spending $600 on breeches and shirts. So, today I picked a color theme (one of my favorite colors), and I came up with this set. The first thing I am featuring is the awesome Aqual/Teal shirt. It is actually a technical runners shirt from R-Gear. You can find a plethora of fun, inexpensive runners shirts to ride in at your local Target, Walmart, Ross, etc. After I found this shirt, I immediately thought of a pair of Smartpak’s Piper breeches that I have been eye-balling. These pipers are a flattering, dark color with pops of Aqual/Teal in the seaming, pockets, and belt loops. I think Pipers are a fun way of adding color without losing elegance and your true self. Next, I decided to pair this outfit with a white belt. I thought the white would off-set all the Aqua/Teal colors we have, and I thought it would be a good pop of a different color. I chose C4 belts because they are fun, eco-friendly, inexpensive, and customizable! I put a teal belt buckle on this particular belt, but you could have easily added a pink or black buckle. The possibilities with C4 are so much fun. They also donate to charity, and these belts LAST.

The last two things on this set are the “mandatory” things for riding. I’m going to guess that if you are reading this as a rider, you already have a helmet and a pair of tall boots. These tall boots could easily be swapped out for paddock boots and half chaps. I chose the OneK helmet simply because that is what I wear every ride. I love my OneK, and I will shamelessly brag on it throughout this blog. It’s well ventilated, fits well, and has an interchangeable liner. The best part is that it’s affordable. I also added a pair of boots that I have been lusting over for schooling. These are CHEAP! I mean seriously cheap (unfortunately they don’t have my size right now). They are Tuffrider Sport Dress Tall boots. A poster on COTH has dubbed them “Parwanties”. They resemble a Parlanti from afar, and I think they are very sharp. I have heard of a few problems about them running large in the foot (FWI). However, most of the people that I have talked to that own these love them. They are $100 so you can’t expect them to hold up forever, but they would make a sharp and fun schooling boot.

Here is a breakdown of what is included in this set, the prices, and where you can find them!

1. R-Gear Runner’s High Long Sleeve in Sea Breeze – $24.95
2. Smartpak Pipers in Navy/Emerald – $79.95*
3. C4 Belt – $29.99*
4. OneK Defender Helmet – Black Suede – $233 (can be found at numerous tack stores!)
5. Tuffrider Sport Dress Boots – $100

*These items can easily be found on sale pretty often. Smartpak loves to do 20% off on Pipers every few months. C4 generally has a sale of the week, and they often have specials on Holidays. You can also get 10% off going through a C4 ambassador.